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Where is Time?

Usually, I can hear the hours and minutes tick tick-tocking away,

moving me through phases of night and day.

But now where is time this is confusing and amusing all


the same


At this moment I am in the house and then,

I am dropping easefully into the line of another day, but in some ways, the day has not changed.

Oh, yes, it has!

Where is time? Is it the days I spent dancing cheerfully in the womb of the forest with my ancestors, the women born before the wind?

Is time the space between here and now and now and then? Perhaps time is the tool within you that connects us infinitely.

I do not know time, not in the ways of straight lines.

Maybe time flows in circles, or possibly it can be hopped into, like a frog hops onto a lily pad.

Maybe time is stuck

tucked deep inside memories.

Oh, what is time?

My time is now, maybe yours was then, back when all that existed was water, and wind.

Time allows us to commune with our ancestors through meditation, prayer, writing, and in the same breath, connect to our descendants. It can be used for healing. Time is both here and nowhere.

What is time to you?


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