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A Dash of Inspiration

Earlier in the week I purchased some flowers for myself from the grocery store, it had been a few months since I had gotten myself some and I missed having something pretty and colorful in my room. I decided to buy my favorite blue hyacinths and also tulips which aren't my favorite flower but their red, orange and yellow hue reminded me of flames.

Half way into the week of having the flowers I began thinking of how to dispose of them once they completely died and I thought I might take them outside like my other flowers and find a nice resting spot in the back yard or sprinkle them around. But instead I decided to pull out a fresh canvas and spray it with water, sprinkle dried hibiscus, rosemary and moringa powder. Then I intentionally arranged the dried tulip petals and hyacinth flowers and a few long leaves. After spraying the canvas again I placed a sheet of parchment paper on top and added some heavy books to press them plants down. My hope is that this will stain the flowers design into the canvas permanently to make a beautiful artwork that preserves them forever.

Stay tuned for the big reveal in on February 8th.

Also Pieces of Dimes Co. will be having a sale on all scrubs and body butters next week.


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