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Open Heart, Open Letter

Dear God,

I want guidance from you on my interest in Ravi. He appears to be a nice man, dedicated, respectful, kind, protective, and sweet.

Please grant me Archangel Jophiel and Raziel, a clear vision of all men I encounter. Let me see the truth and not a "dream or fake picture" of who I want them to be or who they want me to believe they are.

Grant me opportunities to see my beauty and be confident in all that I am. Be grateful for all that I have and am shown I will have.

In the present moment, I have the opportunity to play with makeup, be with nature, finish my book, make new deeper friendships, hike, and have many marvelous adventures.

Love is not out of grasp its taking shape in other forms currently. Divine Partnership will unfold in Divine Timing. It has no expiration date and no maximum age limit. I can not hide from it, nor will it run from me.

Divine Partnership and Love are always on time.

P.S. Please help me to stop counting the minutes.


Yours Always


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