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The Riddle

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I want you to love me!

Nothing more nothing less; just look into the reflection on the wall and

honestly take me in, all of my flaws, happiest moments and deepest insecurities.

Understand that I am trying each day to love you back,

But it’s an arduous task when you look at me with such disgust, shame,

hatred, and regret.

“Look at my reflection!" I scream from the mirror on the wall,

But you can’t stand the sight of me, and with one blow of your fist, you

shatter me.

Clumsily, I scramble to collect the pieces in hopes that I can put myself

back together.

Each time you break me the pieces become smaller and more fragile,

increasing the difficulty of rebuilding myself.

Can't you comprehend the damage you cause? You, you are the one

person who is supposed to love me without exceptions. Instead, you

choose to tear me down.

What have I done to cause you to feel this way? How can I change the

image you see?

I am trying my best...

So, why won't you love me?

* Update: This poem was published in For Women Who Roar's Print Magazine Issue 2 Power.


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