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Keeper of Secrets

I am a keeper of secrets unknown to all but a few. I remember the first day I met them, they welcomed me into their home entrusting me with the unique shapes of their bodies and soft skin.

The first day I arrived, I was put to good use. They were bubbly and bursting with passion as they threw themselves onto me, the heat of their bodies tickling my soft silk. I watched excitedly as lacy garments flew into the air, and they penned each other down rhythmically moving as if dancing pressing deeper into my foam. Each wave of movement brought on strange sounds as they trembled. All these activities left me drenched in juices that I would never produce on my own.

So I lived this desire through them as their catalyst to higher realms. They went through many phases, gentle and caressing, but my favorite was the more active days. The crisp feel of the metal on my post binding his blindfolded body to mine. To this day, the image of her slowly crawling onto the bed…the smoothness of her skin still glides across my brain. Gentle caresses with feathers, tongues gently tantalizing one another. At the same time, he lay unable to move, unwilling to resist, and unable to see. The mild creaking of my wooden frame as she pressed herself into him was unbelievable. If I could talk, I would have screamed aloud myself.

But as the years of our relationship grew in time, things began to change; slowly, little people started to appear, each one wanting to sleep on me. It became crowded and noisy from screeching cries. Those little creatures released a foul liquid that began to seep into my memory foam, creating an everlasting fragrance that I didn’t care for. But most of all was the constant harsh jumping. Was I a piece of furniture or a trampoline? The nails that scratched lines into my wood were soon replaced with tiny bite marks.

And then it happened, the house was quieter then it had been in a decade. I awoke to them, rushing through the door, wrestling each other out of their clothes, nearly falling before reaching my comfortable but worn padding. The kisses were back sensual and potent as ever. The grinding led to creaking sending chills through their spines and my posts. Shallow breathing growing louder and louder until…

Snap! Like a carrot in the mouth of a rabbit, my leg cracked in half, distracting me and causing me to miss the climax. Laughter ensues, and they slid slowly off to inspect me. Sighing at my broken parts, they began to discuss options. “We can always get a new one,” he said. How dare he! “No, I’m sure I can fix it. There are so many memories in this bed,” she said. She hopped in the shower and went to work with her heavy tools. Yes, I know I had always liked her better. Hmph! But no matter what she did, my leg would not stay fixed, they were out of options, and I was out of time.

So now I sit in the hot summer sun on a random street corner. I don’t get anywhere near the kind of entertainment I used to, but my new owner treats me respectfully, and he has 2 dogs.


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