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Onyx's Plea

Dear Alabaster,

We were lovers once before we dropped from the heavens.

Together we had built a brilliant home with a profound connection to our land.

You and I were two gorgeous patches stitched carefully and lovingly on Divinity’s quilt. Holding each other with love and dignity.

We have everything.

We had everything.

So we set out on an adventure across the stars and landed here, my voice sang with the trills and thrills of exploration. Your lips spoke of creating endlessly by my side. It was lovely in those days.

Then the darkness came, and my love you began to change. Slowly day by day, you began to treat me harshly. I cried that day but remained strong. I told myself that everyone has unpleasant days, though as time grew, the sun lost its luster. Our land sang songs of sorrow. The animals that used to follow you around like a beacon of light now wept at your feet.

You drifted further and further from me until your eyes became clouded and shrouded in hatred, causing you to no longer see me. See our equality, our oneness, and my love for you.

This sickness ate away at you until you no longer loved yourself, each time you bit me pieces of you were ingested. Were we being tested?

I stayed for as long as I could until I realized that your heart’s light was dimming this sent me spinning. I knew I could no longer take the pain of watching you spiral into waters that would inevitably swallow you whole. Nor would I weigh my wings by diving into the tumultuous waters to rescue you.

We used to be lovers,

Come back, come back, come back to me, my love.

The journey back will be challenging, for it has been so long since you’ve seen me. My love will feel like rose thorns when it perforates your heart, you will no longer be numb. You will feel it ALL. It will remove hooks of darkness from your skin, clearing your mind of contempt. You will fly again amongst the stars, with me by your side, no longer petrified.

You will see me again for the time in eons and not only experience my loving nature but reciprocate it unconditionally.

We used to be lovers.

Return to me.

Your Beloved,


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