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To Love You

Oh, to love you is a precious thing

my sweet child.

The first person to hold you in their arms will be me,


and your FATHER.

You will know love so warm that you won’t be able to tell that you are not

Still nestled in the safety that is my womb.

Like a lioness, I will protect you till my last breath.

I will be your cave of protection as you grow in discernment.

My child, your heart is the most tender beat I’ve ever known,

Sweeter than a symphony and the deep notes of the saxophone.

You are Divine. You are mine and yet not mine to hold on to

I will have to share you with the world,

Because it needs you.

Oh, so desperately. It called out to the stars for you,

YOUR NAME, echoing across the cosmos YOUR NAME.

Biswa, Biswa Biswa.

In honor of all the Mothers in the 🌍 Happy Mother’s Day.

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