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Dream a Better Dream

If you ever find yourself worried about the current state of the world, dream a better dream. In Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Tobor, the floating robot, says to Max, "Dream a better dream, an unselfish dream.", while an unconscious Sharkboy and a dead Lavagirl lie next to him. This phrase has been on my mind all week. I'm not sure if this is just about me and my worries about how to make a long-distance move to Arizona or if it's a suggestion for the collective. Either way, I'll take this advice.

We can and have always possessed the power to create new ways of living and being through our gifts. Some are talented in public speaking and organizing protests; others spark change through poetry, dance, and singing. Even cooking a meal can bring people together and shift the vibration of a room. So dream a better dream in whatever way you can.


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