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A Party in the Mountains

There once was a snowy mountain where Sasquatches lived and grew. And they decided to throw a party for all of the friends they knew. They invited the fairies, bees, and butterflies, the angels and dragons, flowers and crystal guides, the turtles and dolphins, every magical being from the land to the sky. So many creatures from land and sea to a fabulous mountain party!

It was grand and spectacular. The magical creatures were having such a fun time, yet they agreed something important was missing. And that was man-kind.

They gathered one being from each group to represent them all. Then they headed into the nearest town. With them, they carried sparkling colorful invitations along with samples of their treats in hopes the humans would enjoy them and become instant peeps.

They arrived at the first home and asked would they come to their grand soiree, but the people slammed the door in fear of these unusual visitors.

Before any of them felt defeated and blue, fairy Cherry spoke up and said, "Let's keep going there are many more people who will want to come. You will see!"

So they trekked on and on along the streets to find schools of people who wanted to attend. Their confidence soared. The mountain roared and, they continued.

Until they came to the last house on the outskirts of the village, it stood tall and ragged. With a small farm out back and all that they could see was an old grey sheep. They knocked but did not hear a sound. Was anybody home? They wondered silently. And they turned around in disappointment.

Then from behind the house, they heard a shrill, "No wait!", Stopping them in their tracks. A little boy in tattered close with tears in his eyes “We are home!” he cried.

They saw a little black-haired boy, his pregnant mother, and a weary-eyed father standing next to the sheep. To which they responded, “We’re so glad that you are! We are having a shindig in the mountains and would so dearly love for you to come!”

With joy in his eyes, he turned towards his parents. Then he dropped his head down low. Over his rumbling tummy, he murmured, "But we don’t have anything to bring." The family looked around at the other guests and saw the goods and fruits they had. All they had was the sheep which, they were going to have to part with soon to buy food.

The Sasquatch replied, "That is not necessary at all we want you to bring is yourself. Your love is enough of a gift."

The family grinned and grabbed their sheep; and marched on with their new companions. Everything was going well. They were headed back to the mountain when the strawberry farmer stood appalled; screamed. “No! They can’t come with us. Look how they dress, how they smell, and with nothing to give in exchange. It's not fair!”

The group stopped walking the outburst put a pause on their glee. The Sasquatch turned to him and said, "This party exists because of the love in our hearts. We want to celebrate all that is and; all that was. No gift is needed to come to our party. You all are enough. The present is your presence, your love, and your trust."

If we believed like you, the gathering would’ve stayed between us in our home. The Dragon added, “ As above, so below.” The Sasquatch rejoined. Yes, as my dear brother says, if there is a celebration above, celebrating all that is, why would we not invite our human friends too. If this is unacceptable, go ahead turn around.

All with love have an invitation. The strawberry farmer clenched his basket of berries with embarrassment in his eyes. He turned to the family and apologized. Knowing deep down they deserved to be there too as he offered the boy some berries.

Now all in sync, they journeyed up the snowy mountain, where they greeted with great joy all the friends that stayed preparing for their arrival.

The townspeople stood in awe at the most beautiful golden fire surrounding a radiant peach tree. A circular log is where they sat to soak in the warmth of the fire as they sang, danced, and told stories long into the night.

When the evening came to a close, the people returned home bellies full, feet tired, and hearts as open as can be.

-Alyssa Dimes


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