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Loving Me

This is one of my favorite songs by Stevie Wonder. Not only does it put me in a great mood but it also opens my heart. 😊

For once I have something I know wont desert me I'm not alone anymore For once I can say 'This is mine you can't take it' As long as I know I have love I can make it For once in my life I have someone who needs me

This song, especially the lines above remind me that no one can steal my joy, I can choose to let a situation or person get me down but that’s my choice. And sometimes I screw up and make that lousy choice but I have to remember that I am in charge of how I feel. Each second of each hour I can choose to do or create things that increase my levels of happiness.

Stevie Wonder - For Once In My Life Lyrics | MetroLyrics #writersofinstagram #piecesofdimes #myjoy


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