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Into the Void

Happy and content was her world until the meteorite struck her Earth. Penetrating the fresh, luscious islands and jungles that she had nourished and treasured for years, even though she had successfully maintained their health throughout the endless hurricanes, nothing could prepare her for this.

Her lips trembled terribly as her body convulsed. Her full, hazelnut eyes cried into the dwindling rivers. The booming roar from the clouds pulsated painfully bursting through her eardrums.

Blood like lava dripped down her jaws, only then did she notice that the impact from the meteor had awakened the serpents throughout her land. They began to slither across the ground, wrapping themselves firmly around her thighs.

Her squeals of fright only encouraged them to tighten their grip, so they twisted about into knots. Feeling faint, she reached out for her trees for the last time.


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